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just got expelled from trucking school

January 13, 2010

seriously what the hell.. i can’t believe what just happened…

many of you know that i have been attending trucking school for the past few months… their regular program only last 3 and a half weeks but obviously i have a lot of obligations, both financial and family… so i had to do the part time, which is done on the weekend and at nights… i have had barely any free time the past few months… ive been absolutely exhaustive, all waking moment has been spent to train for my cdl license… its funny how a piece of paper could be worth so much..

anyways i hung out with freddie and we ran into some old friends… we decided to have a few beers… it had been a good 5 years since i had last seen them so i had a little too much… i have had some absenteeism in the past with some classes so i went to the trucking school a little bit buzzed..

i got expelled on the spot

this is after putting in thousands of dollars in tuition… i am going to ask for a refund. this is absolutely ridiculous…

pssssshtttt… all i want to do is drive a long haul truck… this is pure bs, a way to rip off the common man


Hello world!

January 13, 2010

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